The Checklist

Some days I can get going in the morning fairly well enough to gather those things I need to do in the next 24 hours.  My morning routine can sometimes be like a check list; Have uniform. Check. Have extra water bottles. Check. Have after work snack packed. Check. Have bills to mail. Check.  The list goes on and on.  I am only trying to get out the door.  You know what I mean.  You are there too.  Maybe your list is longer than mine or maybe it’s not but, the fact is life and its’ many details can get overwhelming quick.

Driving to work  this week, I  mentally reviewed my list of what I needed for that day and realized I had left some fairly important things at home; quite by accident.  All that went through my mind was, “Well God, you just have to take care of that, don’t you?”  Stopping at the red light, I was grateful to know a God who was big and wise enough to have  created the stars, the whole solar system, the entire earth and it’s many people groups and still;  He holds it all together.  He designed these things to move, rotate, give life and breath to this big, blue planet.  So, I figure the tiny details of my life are easy for Him to balance too.  What an incredible God.  Sighing a huge relief, I continued my way to work and left all those things on my life list for Him to finish for me.  What peace to know God.

What about you?  Who do you go to when your life list gets out of hand and it becomes too much for you to do?  What or who gives your life peace?


Citizen Way’s song. “When I ‘m with you”



A Change of Season

Maybe it has been the ovens, stoves, and steamers I have been working around this summer but, it seems to me it has been a HOT summer!  Summer is a great time of year, don’t get me wrong but, after the season should end and it doesn’t then, we can have problems.  🙂  I enjoy something from each of the seasons God made for us and try to keep an upbeat and grateful attitude about life in general but, this summer has challenged my patience and my endurance.  Summer officially ended in late September and just today, the middle of October, the winds have finally changed to bring a refreshing coolness that has long been anticipated.

The almost constant heat and the lengthy hours at my job in the bakery ( and school kitchens) both played a big impact on my summer.  I had determined in my mind that I would and could make it through despite what obstacles lay in my way each day ; grumbling co workers, a longer than expected shift, more confections to bake than the production list shows, my miscount of pastries for the designated pans,  and on and on my days went.

But oh; today, how the winds blow crisp “air conditioned” puffs of  invisible restoration!  How delightful!  I could just sit here in this evenings breezes and just rest!  The  hard work was worth it to be captured and invigorated by this lovely change of seasons.  What relief!  🙂

My spirit reflects on Gods’ Word at this evenings’ juncture.  Galatians 6:9 reminds me to not “lose heart in doing good, for in due season  we will reap if we do not grow weary”  (NASB).  I pause in this writing and ask myself, “did I accomplish my personal goals I had set for myself in these past months?”  “The various prayer needs I gave to God, are those all answered”?  “where am I in my own spiritual season”? “How would I describe my souls’ season this evening”?

Well, some of the goal were accomplished.  A few of  the prayers were provided for.  Some remain unanswered and a few goals are still to be achieved yet; I  still wait in hope upon God to reveal and to guide in both my prayer needs and in my personal goals.  I am praying and am optimistic that my “reaping” may be “due (in this) season.”  🙂  My life certainly is in need of winds to blow out the old and to bring in the new.  No matter how long it takes or how I have to endure God still promises that things  do not remain the same.  I cling to the hope that I can only find in God and in His Word.  Do not lose heart, God WILL bring the change.  🙂

Thank you God that seasons change.  Help me in your Word to remain so I can grow through pain and rain. Seasons come and seasons go, help me be wise in what I  reap and  in what I sow.  Amen.


**Giveaway:  To the first person who comments on this blog, I will send/give you one of the books I received this summer from an author giveaway package!   A devotional called, “The One Year Experiencing God’s Love Devotional” by Sandra Byrd, is the book the first commenter wins!  Thanks for reading this blog and I pray for you and yours to grow deeper in your walk with God.****

Summer Gratitude

It has been a very good summer for me! When I stop for a moment and consider the encouraging and enjoyable events of the past 3 or 4 months, I have to smile and say, “Thanks, God.” 🙂   “I have enjoyed a really good summer!”   Not everything in my summer was happy and joyful and I did not get to enjoy a lot of things I had on my mind to do like, take a week vacation but, through it all, I choose to be grateful for those things that were positive for me!

As many of you know, I enjoy books and reading and this summer has been HUGE in the way of books and writing.  For starters, I have been a member of three authors’ “street teams” as one who offers a customer review on various websites for books.  All three of these authors are with Worthy Publishing.  The great part of being on a street team are the free books you receive.  I have been blessed to have had 4 books sent to me by these authors:  Cynthia Ruchti, M.J. Thomas, and Katherine Schwarzenegger.  Two of these authors wrote books for children and Cynthia writes both devotional and non fiction novels.

What I enjoy most about Cynthia’s stories are the elements of hope in Jesus that all of her characters find or struggle to find.  Her non fiction book, As My Parents Age, is devotional and has just as much hope in it as do her novels.

I had the awesome pleasure of sharing my free copy of this book to my church library!  I enjoy sharing and encouraging others with the gospel of Jesus and this  is one way I get to do that!  🙂

This book below, Maverick and Me, a real-life tale of a dog rescued and adopted by his “forever family” (Katherine).  Its a delightful story that educates and inspires any reader to love dogs and to be their friend.

Diane Buie's photo.

A book for children of ALL ages!  This also is donated to the library at church.

Another great series for Elementary children is, Mike Thomas’, Secret of the Hidden Scrolls.  The first book in the series, leads a brother and sister on a journey of time travel to the actual Biblical days of creation.  They have a task to complete while there or, they can never return home.  What do you think will happen?  What could there task be?  Is it a scroll?  Why is it hidden?  These questions and more are answered when you read the book.


So, my summer has been about books!  🙂  yes, and I even took an online writing course designed for a challenge to writers to complete a writing project in 30 days.  So, I began re- writing my story, Adventures in Mintherwood.  I still have so much more to write in this story.  It may take me until next year but, I will keep writing as I have time.  I do want to finish the tale as I think it can help children and youth understand more of how to live a Christian life.

“Right smack dab in the middle of your crazy life”, was the motto of our July writing camp retreat and yes, it was that! The month of July was full of schedules and sacrifices.  But, on the positive side, the class kept me disciplined in my time at home and helped me get organized so I could take time to write.  I ended up giving up a lot of television and movies but, actually, I did not miss much t.v as I thought I would.  So, it was all good!  I managed to complete about 25% of my book!

Another great part of summer was taking a Beth Moore online Bible study, Entrusted.       This study encouraged me to keep my faith in Christ and to present it back to Him as a gift at the end of my life.  I did not know what to expect from her study of II Timothy but, as always,  her point of view challenged me to grow further into faith in God.

Being as my summer was full of authors, books, writing customer reviews, and sometimes reading, I did actually win gift boxes from two different authors!  What gifts they were too!  I received a coffee thermos with bubbles and candy inside as well as two gift cards to shop with (one was for Barnes and Noble, imagine that?!), as well as books, and a container of teas and chocolates!  What more could a girl want, right?!

One of the last great things of my summer has been the start of a writing group with a few friends from church.  After some conversation and sharing about the writing conference I attended in March of this year, God led me and my friends to create our own writing team.  We have met once last month and have plans to meet next week so we can share our writings and pray for each other as we seek to be writers of faith for God.  I wonder what God will do in us and with us as we meet to write for Him and for His glory?!

It has been a good summer of working nights at the doughnut shop, reading books and writing reviews as well as trying to write a story myself, going to church, studying the Bible more and trying to socialize with friends and family.  Maybe that is what summer is; spending time in the sunshine/Sonshine, being with friends and family, and working to keep ones’ life going forward.

So, to celebrate summers’ ending in just a few more days, I thought to post this Disney movie clip from Frozen.   The character, Olaf, is a  silly, comedic snowman who, in his naivete, loves the  summer sun but does not realize its’  effects on his cool, little snow man body.  Olaf is content to dance and sing about his love of summer and what he will do when the season changes from winter to summer.  I hope this video and song makes you laugh and reflect on what God has done in your life this summer.  I know God is always working in our lives and He works for our good in all things ( Romans 8:28-29).  My prayer for you and for me as this blog ends is praise and peace for God and for His presence in our life.

Blessings to you and yours,

Diane Buie


breathing room: a book review

Have you ever had a book shock your life like a sudden bolt of electricity, bringing a continual current of life, hope, and encouraging faith to your spiritual life? I have!
I recently read Leeana Tankersley new book, breathing room, and I could not put the book down until I had taken in the last word in her compelling story. My afternoon spent reading was NOT wasted as this was the jumpstart my heart, life, and soul needed to ” keep on keeping on” in life!
If you are in a place of desperation and all you feel is “emptiness” or even if you are “overwhelmed” then, let Leeana’s words bring life and peace to you as you read! You will not regret your time in breathing room! I strongly recommend this book as a “must read”!

I received a free copy of breathing room by Revell and this in no way affects my opinions of this book as listed above.

What Your Heart Needs ….

This summer I had the great pleasure of reading a book by a “new” author (at least she is new to me) Holley Gerth, called, What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days. Reading this book is like a fresh brewed cup of ones’ favorite beverage perfectly crafted for the encouragement of ones’ soul! 🙂 The best part of reading Holley’s book is that this cup of words is a bottomless one for us, the readers! So, we will find, there are new truths and revelations for our spiritual lives that can be dived into as we continuously delve into this well of words. From the moment I ripped open the package and begin to cruise through her book, I was gripped, delightfully, by it’s uplifting and positive words based on the only book that matters (if you are a believer in Jesus Christ), The Holy Bible. Check out Holley Gerths’ book, What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days and see how your heart can be transformed anew!

( I have received this book freely from Revell & its’ author. This in no way impacts my review. I have written honestly, from my perspective, on how I like/dislike this book).

I love Sunday the Best!

Here is part of poem I have written a few months back and thought to share some of it today. Enjoy and my only prayer is that the words might take you where you find your simple rest on Sunday! 🙂

Sunday Best

I love Sundays the best
In you, Lord, there is such rest!
Here, I am glad and free
and I happy to be me!

In this place I wish I could stay
my pens are the words I can say!

My voice is more loud and clear
when ink and paper are near!

So God, let my life only bring
Glory to you, The King!
Let men their praises bring;
especially if they bear a ring!

So, Lord may I sing?
Only praise I would bring…..

**This is only part of the poem and have not the courage to share the rest! 🙂 Thanks for understanding!
Happy Sunday and find some rest in the Lord! 🙂

Written by P. Diane Buie
June 23, 2013